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Louisville Residential Plumbers

louisville residential plumber

We are pleased to offer residential plumbing services throughout the Louisville area. We offer fast, affordable residential plumbing solutions without sacrificing quality. We are prepared to meet your Louisville residential plumbing needs.

Our residential plumbing services include:

  • Fixing leaks
  • Broken fixtures
  • Installation of fixtures and toilets
  • New construction
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Garbage disposals
  • Clogs in sinks, showers or tubs
  • Water heaters
  • Drain cleaning


A leaky pipe is one of the most common residential plumbing problems since it is hard to not to notice when a pipe is leaking. You will either notice low water pressure for no apparent reason or clearly see evidence of a leak. Leaks can be in any part of a pipe, from the faucet to the drain. It is important to have a leak fixed as quickly as possible to prevent water damage to surrounding structures such as your wall and floor.

Pipe Noise

Referred to as "water hammer," pipe noise shouldn't be dismissed. Hearing noises in your pipes could be a sign of a problem with your pump in homes with a septic tank. Valve closure is another issue that may cause air and pressure to build up in your pipes. We use special equipment to inspect your pipes without being too invasive until the exact cause of the problem is detected.

Burst Pipes

Anytime a pipe bursts, it is obviously an emergency situation. Give us a call immediately and one of our trusted Louisville residential plumbers will arrive as quickly as possible. Rest assured that we will never take advantage of the fact that you are experiencing an emergency situation to spring extra fees on you. Customer service is always our first priority; even in an emergency situation.

Clogged Drains

You might be surprised at how many drains you have in your home. Even if you are careful with what you put in your pipes, debris may still build up over time. Early signs of clogged drains may include a noticeable delay in water going down in your sink, tub or shower. Drain cleaners often only offer a temporary solution. It is best to call one of our Louisville plumbers to determine the cause of the clog to prevent more serious plumbing problems in the future.


Possibly the most unpleasant plumbing issue involving your toilet is a clog. The problem is often a buildup of debris, but other issues may be involved. Additional toilet problems may include a noticeable noise as your tank is filling up or a constant sound of running water. Both of these issues are often caused by either a faulty valve or flapper.

Unexplained Odor

Even if your pipes and drains appear to be working just fine, you may notice an odor coming from your pipes or drains. If you have a septic tank, this could be a sign of backup. Odors in your pipes may also be caused by water buildup within your pipes or a broken trap may be the culprit. Damaged fittings, broken wax rings or not having enough water in your toilet bowl are possible causes of unpleasant toilet odors.

Water Heaters

Detecting water heater problems can be tricky. A water heater doesn't always leak when it needs to be repaired or replaced. You may notice that your water doesn't stay hot as long as it used to be or that it takes longer than usual to get hot water when you turn on a faucet or do your laundry. This is often a sign that you have sediment buildup or there may be a problem with a valve or other parts preventing your water heater from operating efficiently.

Let our pros take care of your residential plumbing needs by offering fast, dependable and affordable service.

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