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Louisville Plumbers Are Growing Fast!


Despite a still-sluggish economy, Thompson Bros. Plumbing is one of the local plumbing companies seeing a significant increase in its business. With a focus on remodels but work in new construction as well, Thompson Bros. Plumbing is becoming the go-to choice for plumbing services in Louisville. With a growing reputation for quality work and an expanded workforce, Thompson Bros. Plumbing aids in new plumbing, service and repair, and remodels.

One of Fastest-Growing Louisville Plumbing Companies

Started in 2004 with just three people, the company has added 25 additional workers in just six years. Although the current pace of hiring has slowed, Thompson Bros. Plumbing’s workforce makes it a sizable company for Louisville, which is great for customers who need to get someone in quickly. Louisville Business First, the city’s business journal, listed the company as the fifth-largest plumbing contractor in Louisville in its 2013 listings with annual billing at $2.5 million.

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Louisville Plumbers with Experience

Ten of Thompson Bros. Plumbing employees are licensed plumbers. Among the company’s major projects are remodels for Panera Bread and Indi’s Broadway as well as a service and maintenance contract with Frisch’s. The plumbing staff at Thompson Bros. Plumbing does residential work as well. In addition to remodels, they do new construction plumbing, which gives the licensed plumbers the opportunity to work with new homeowners.

Service and repair work makes up another significant portion of the company’s business, and homeowners or landlords who are looking for a company with experience to trust with their plumbing repair and service needs should go to Thompson Bros. Plumbing. There is a reason co-founder Jacob Thompson recently told Louisville Business First that business looks like pre-recession times. Business is booming for Thompson Bros. Plumbing because of its reputation for stellar work that makes it a top choice for homeowners and business owners who need plumbing contract work done.

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